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[14104] Frisky Fingers


Frisky Fingers

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Item Description:

Glow N Dark Frisky Finger is a discreet and cute little vibrator that fits on the tip of your finger. It has raised soft nubbies for increased orgasmic sensations and a very powerful vibration for his or her pleasure. The vibrating bullet is tucked neatly into a pink silicon finger sleeve for a soft sensual texture.


Item Information:

Silicone and reusable.  One size fits all and the batteries are included.

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Customer Reviews
Jut so everyone's aware, the white really does glow in the dark. I was like a giddy school girl when I saw it, and did a happy dance, filled with joyful joyness. Then...I had to figure out how it worked. Obviously, it has a touch button. However, I couldn't figure out which way it went. In the end, it doesn't really matter, because it will work either way for you. I just found that having the button facing outward was easier, so I could click it off with the finger inserted through it.

So, this baby is a metal bullet, covered with a TPR Silicone sleeve. It's a silicone-rubber composite, which has a jelly-like feel but is a bit safer. However, it is still porous. Thus, you should clean it before and after every use. I realize that's kind of complicated with the sleeve being so small, but using a cleansing cloth, or a little water with mild soap/toy cleaner should do the trick. Just remember (although you won't need lube with this toy, but there are others like this), that if you need a lubricant, WATER-BASED ONLY, or use a condom. A Silicone Lubricant will DESTROY TPR.

So sadly, this toy is not waterproof. Be careful when using it, you wouldn't want to ruin this little charmer! The batteries are replaceable, so you're definitely going to get your money's worth. Truth be told, buying replacement batteries will probably be more expensive than the toy itself. You'd probably be better off buying a brand new one than trying that. Again luckily, the battery life is beastly.
Jane - Detroit, MI
i have, and have had, other finger vibrators in the past...this one is probably my least favorite has only a small ring to go over your finger which does not keep it steady...ive found that i need to put it on my middle finger and keep my pointer and ring fingers on the side of it to stabilize it...almost no benefit than just using a plain bullet (plus it costs more), if you ask me!
Casey G - Newark, NJ

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